Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner

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The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology is a highly advanced air purifier suitable for home use in family rooms or even large bedrooms.
It comes with True HEPA Air Filtration capable of removing up to 99.7% of particles from the air.

This unit combines several technologies to help you to remove hair, pet dander and odors, as well as other household odors and allergens including pollen, mold spores, and smoke particles more effectively, in rooms up to 280 square feet in size.

These are combined into 5 stages of filtration and control systems including
– Washable Pre-Filter
– True HEPA 99.97% Effective Filtration
– CleanCel Anti-Bacterial Treatment
– Advanced Odor Control Filtration using a granular carbon filter
– Winix trademarked PlasmaWave Technology

wniix wac9500 filters

The standard for air purity is the Clean Air Delivery Rating. The higher an air purifiers CADR numbers, the faster the unit can clean the air, and therefore the more effective it is.
This unit has been CADR tested and has the following CADR ratings:
Pollen: 194
Dust: 182
Tobacco Smoke: 183

How does the Winix WAC9500 work?
You can control the Winix WAC9500 manually using its 4 fan speeds or leave it on automatic mode. It comes with 4 manual settings on its digital panel so you can set the speed to whichever level you want choosing between Low, Medium, High, and Turbo speed settings.

On the other hand, the WAC9500 has built-in Smart Sensors (dust sensor, odor sensor, and light sensor). The dust and odor sensors constantly monitor the air around it. This is extremely convenient because in automatic mode the unit senses any changes in air quality and then automatically adjusts the speed to any of the higher levels to remove the pollutants and provide you with clean, fresh air.

The unit has a nice bright control panel with a user-friendly display and lots of easy to understand digital buttons and monitors. However, you don’t need to worry that all this lighting will keep you awake at night because it also comes with an auto dim feature linked to its light sensor. This senses the amount of ambient light in your room and decides whether to display either the normal bright LED or a dimmed LED. It also automatically activates the air purifiers sleep mode when the room is dark to ensure get quiet and energy efficient operation. It also dims the units lights when the room is darkened to avoid interrupting your sleep.

wniix wac9500 control panel

It also has a timer you can set to continuous mode, or alternatively set a period of time for the unit to operate, before automatically shutting the unit down on its own.

You won’t need to walk over to your unit any time you need to change its settings. It comes with a programmable Remote control which lets you power the unit on/off and adjust the fan speed from anywhere in your room.

wniix wac9500 remote

The unit also has a sensor to detect and tell you when you need to change your filters by displaying an LED alert (change f, however,dicator light) until you change your filter. Im most cases the All-in-One filter cassette only needs to be changed once a year.

True HEPA filters and carbon filters can be expensive. Winix however have taken this into account by providing you with ways to save money.
The unit includes a Washable Anti bacteria Pre Filter. This is a reusable filter that collects large particles, pollen, pet hair, lint and reduces how much work your True HEPA filters need to do, and extends their life and efficiency.

In addition, it has a washable Carbon Filter. This Activated natural carbon filter is 3 times more effective at trapping and neutralizing strong, difficult to remove odors such as ammonia.

Silver is naturally toxic to bacteria. The Winix WAC9500 has a separate Nano-silver mesh shield comprised of silver particles just one billionth of a meter thick. This neutralizes all bacteria on contact.

Finally this unit includes Winix’s unique Plasmawave TM technology. This generates both positive and negative ions to create plasma clusters which instantly neutralize viruses, bactiera, chemical vaoprs and odors in the air. You can however switch it of if you want using the unit’s remote control.

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