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hi we're the parts we're going to bereviewing the hottest item on Amazontoday alright so story time I sufferfrom really bad allergies and actually Ihave it every single spring so comeMarch usually it's really bad and theway that I used to cope with it iswhenever I would move in somewherewhether it's an apartment or just livingwith my family somewhere I would alwayschoose a place where there's no carpethowever they got married recently andthe first apartment of a moving you knowwe're broke don't have too much money sowe moved into an apartment that you knowit had carpeting everywhere and I waslike well they'll be fine I haven't Ihaven't really had any problems withallergies recently and so I thought youknow it will be finewe moved in the winter so yeah yeah yeahit was it was totally fine like okay I'mdoing great and then right around MarchI was dying yeah she she was dying shewas actually not sleeping Wow everynight and one night she I'd stay up latewith her because she was like dying andI need to take claritin and we don'thave one so I we tried everything wevacuumed that didn't work we cleanedevery day that didn't work I even gotlocal honey now I do know that somepeople say oh you need to do it allyear-round before that so that when theallergies do come you already built thisimmune system against it but whatever Ididn't do that and that didn't workeither yeah we drove for like an hour ahalf yeah we drove like an hour butanyway I wonder what honey honey when hewas great yeah but I did it to help withallergies so we were like hey what aboutan air purifier cuz never tried thatbefore so today we're gonna show this isour six-month reviewright it's been more than six monthsokay uh eight month review okay eighteight month review on a disturb guardianalright drumroll OHokay I'm gonna show you guys the termGuardian right here it's uh it's not asmall air purifier it's not I would sayprobably around like five seven poundsfive eight seven pounds and then heightwise one two three fourit's like about twenty four twenty fiveinches yeah yeah so we bought this forthe air purifying system to help theother gene but did it okay let me readyou this is on Amazon it was one hundredand forty nine ninety nine but now it's76 99 - they like got 50% off that'swhat it says what and it's called it's aAmazon's choice weight so when we got itit was not on sale or anything like thatit was on sale I think we should weepysame I think we paid seventy sixninety-nine mm-hmm Ohso it says charm guardian ac for eightto five twenty-two three-in-one fullroom air purifier true HCP a filterUVC sanitizer home air cleaner trapsallergens smoke odors mold dust germssmokers pet dander with what elseEnergy Star germ guardian and it has theAmazons choice sticker on it and youwon't believe how many people reviewedthis product this is pre amazing eightthousand two hundred ninety-one peopleroutines process four stars that'spretty solid that is that is very verygood and on this product description itsays trap allergens ninety-nine pointnine seven of dust pollen and petZander's so we thought you know we'regetting we're getting this things fairlysafe it's good a lot of good reviewsonly a few bad ones but usually theyhave to do with like repairs orsomething like that yeah so we got itand in hopes that it was going to helpmy allergies it did not we had it on forall day like every day and then herallergy didn't seems to get better yeahwe had it on every single day even atnight we live in a studio apartment soit was right there near the bed and wetried everything we tried it with thelittle blue light on off we did it formaybe like a whole month straight andthen we just stopped because whether itwas on or off I kind of couldn't tell Iwas still the good thing is it didcollect some dust coughing already if Iwere to say whether it really made anydifference or not I would say it didn'treally make it at all but you know thisis our personal opinions because sulfurdid say you know it made difference butfor us for some reason I don't have anyallergies so I couldn't feel anydifferent and it didn't really solveolder problem the house wasn't smelly tostart but I don't think it removed anysmell if I have if I can go back andchoose probably I probably won't buy itI honestly was skeptical in the firstplace but I thought well you know peopleare saying so many good things I mightas well try but it didn't work so myskepticism has been confirmed how aboutwe give it a grade so we'll just rate itlay the scale of one to ten one to tenyeah one to ten and on the count ofthree okay okay one two three - did notis now we dookay I would give it a 2 because it didcollect some dust that's the only reasonwhy I would give it a 2 otherwise I meanit makes noise so yeah for me onlyreason why I bought this is pain notsmall amount of money $80I bought this so that my wife allergygets better but it didn't get better sothat's why I give give it up - nevertried an air purifier before so we can'treally compare it to anything else rightbut at least this guy doesn't do so hotI'm not quite sure how they got 8000 youknow review 8000 really good reviews soanyway so the solid product it justdidn't work for us know if you likedthis video like it if you want morecontent like this subscribe and if youhave any questions please comment belowsee you guys later bye thank you[Music]you

In an attempt to relieve seasonal allergies, we bought a bestselling air purifier on Amazon! After using it for some time, here is our honest review.

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