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OK Allergy Sufferers. You asked for the 2018 recommendations, and to review this: air purifier . This consumer report air purifier review covers the 9-stage Alive Air Purifier. It’s been around since 2017 and represents a company which continues to evolve the air purifier technology.

Thousands of alive air purifiers have been sold directly from the website which keeps the cost of this air purifier, and it’s HEPA filters affordable. The owner of Alive Air USA, LLC, a former asthmatic and allergy sufferer, wanted an air purifier that did did more than the air purifiers he has been testing and researching since 1976.This consumer report best air purifier winner is the Alive Air Purifier

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Most air purifiers only use 2-3 technologies. This consumer report best air purifier is the alive air which uses 9 technologies and I’m gonna take you through the controls and the parts inside it. You’ve got 5 different speed settings but one of them is “auto” and on auto it automatically detects odor dust and allergens. Then it has a timer – 1HR., 2hr. 4hr but I leave it on 24/7. It has a light for replacing the filter and clean the metal grid. It has 2 washable filters along with the other 7 filters inside so to open it push this little button and lift the cover off and inside the first thing you see is a pre-filter. What this does is capture your hair, your dust, pet hair and dander . Behind it is an electrostatic grid with these little wires. This is a positive and negatively charged grid and what that does is that takes a lot of pollution and smoke as well. To take that off and we have a filter HEPA filter that’s best for allergies. It’s what will collect your dust and your pollen. And what they did was behind the HEPA is actually a carbon Filter. Carbon is going to collect your odor, your smoke, your chemicals then this is tio2, titanium dioxide, that actually enhances the UV bulb behind it and when uv shines on tio2 it magnifies that frequency that UV frequency which can kill germs, viruses, bacteria. And then inside you have a motor that’s rated for a hundred thousand hours – that’ll mean it’ll run for 12 years 24/7 at least. Then back in there where you can’t see in the back there is a negative ion generator. What negative ions do is when you’re out in nature negative ions are actually what running water and waterfalls and tress do is produce a lot of negative ions. They are actually good for you – they help you think better and are really good for your lungs, and for your body. It actually helps the mitochndria, the energy source in the body. so that’s a consumer report air purifier reviews of the 9 stage 2018 air purifier.

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