Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

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Features of Dysons Pure Cool Link Tower

  • Its a true HEPA Air Purifier so it automatically removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants
  • Helps remove pollen, bacteria and pet dander.
  • Comes with a 360 degree, vacuum-sealed glass True HEPA filter.
  • Uses activated carbon granules to remove odors and harmful toxins such as paint fumes.
  • Year-round purification and circulation. Also acts as a cooling fan in summer.
  • Smart Purification: automatically monitors air quality and adapts its operation to match.
  • Filters only need to be changed once a year.
  • Sends information to and can be controlled remotely with Dyson link app.
  • Includes Voice Control by connection to Amazon Echo.
  • Total Peak : 1018mm / Weight : 3.70kg
  • Airflow at max Environment : 41.4L/S
  • Amp Diameter : 190mm
  • Cord Size : 1.8m
  • Base diameter/with plate : 196mm


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